The Naked Taxman

Ark Pension tax scam kind of puts all this in the shade.

The Naked Taxman - By Angela Brooks

Angela Brooks was Director of Tax Relief, The British Taxpayers Federation – championing the cause of innocent taxpayers abused and hounded by HMRC. She challenged not only rogue tax inspectors and collectors, but also the rogue laws and practices of the tax collection system in Britain. After four years of successfully defending beleaguered British taxpayers throughout the UK, she was finally beaten into submission for a while by breast cancer. But now she’s back and determined to finally expose the rotten practices of HMRC which so pitifully abuses and fails the public it is supposed to serve. Her books, The Naked Taxman and Exposing The Taxman will be available early July 2011. Her third book Getting to the Bottom of the Taxman will be aimed at giving all abused taxpayers and their accountants and solicitors the opportunity to publish their own stories. She believes passionately that only once HMRC are…

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Hello world!

Hello to all those who would like to laugh at my adventures since moving from Blighty to Andalusia.  I know, I know, all my friends thought I was completely bonkers, and felt I’d somehow been seduced by the foolish idealistic and unrealistic concept of escaping the chilly English winters and retiring to sun, sand and Sangria (difficult to find Chardonnay out here).  How I miss my friends (yes even you Viv) but I have found a new paradise to replace the wonderful heaven of Yonder Riding Stables and the amazing view over the Blackwater Valley, John Sayers’ yard, Farnborough Air Show and the fabulous electricity pylons.  Now replaced by the view from the farm of the Alpujarrah Mountains, the Mediterranean and Africa.  And from my roof terraces in town, of a crane amongst my neighbours washing.


Living and Laughing in Lanjaron, got to laugh!